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We host outrageously good Jedi Academy servers for €20 €12/month. 40% off
Over 50 JKA servers trust us to be their provider.

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Exploit & crash fixes.

We're the only JKA server host providing OpenJK for all customers. It's compatible with any mod, but more optimized and stable, fixing known crashes & exploits in the original JKA code.

Real DDoS protection

Always stay online.

Our in-house mitigation system blocks even large and complex attacks other providers don't, such as get* floods. We maintain our own filters, and we've stopped hundreds of DDoS attacks.

Money back guarantee

60 days, risk free.

We only want your money if you're happy with our services. That's why we offer new customers a 60 days money back guarantee, no strings attached. Just ask, and you'll get your money back.

Low pings

We use NVMe SSDs, powerful Intel processors, and modern DDR4 RAM. We make network-level optimizations specific to JKA, and do everything we can to keep your ping as low as possible.

Awesome support

We provide support over both email and live chat. We're really fast, and we know a lot about how JKA works, so you won't have to go through an army of support drones to reach someone competent.

Anti VPN

Having trouble with people changing their IPs to get past your bans? We offer a VPN blocker that will prevent most VPNs from connecting to your server. Just contact support if you're interested in using it, and we'll enable it for your server.

Everything you expect

Our hosting comes with all the things you'd expect from another game server host, like RCON access, FTP access to upload your own mods, a dedicated server IP, automated backups, high uptime, and so on. Other gameserver hosts Other VPS hosts Home hosting
Easy setup
Helpful support
Basic DDoS filtering
Large DDoS filtering
Hardened OpenJK
Optimized for JKA
Opt-in VPN blocker
Layer 7 DDoS filtering
Get* flood filtering
Custom DDoS filters
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An image of a turtle eating a strawberry.