JKA.io hardware

Intel Xeon CPU

We use powerful, enterprise-grade Intel Xeon processors to power all our servers.


All our machines come equipped with modern DDR4 ECC RAM for maximum performance and reliability.


Our servers use dual NVMe SSDs in RAID 1. NVMe SSDs are faster than traditional SSDs.

Professional datacenter

Like all other game server hosts, our servers live in a professional third-party datacenter. We use OVH: one of the largest providers in the world.


JKA.io software

Ubuntu Linux

We built our platform on Ubuntu Linux, ensuring recent, yet stable software. We added several optimizations on top.


All servers we host use OpenJK, fixing many bugs, stability, and security issues in vanilla JKA.

Anti DDoS

Level 1: our datacenter

Our datacenter provides filtering for high-bandwidth, volumetric attacks. They have enough filtering capacity for attacks of any size, even if they're over a Tbps.

Level 2: in-house mitigation system

Many hosts advertising DDoS mitigation don't filter application layer attacks effectively. JKA is especially affected: there are no special rules for the game in most hardware filtering equipment, so getstatus floods, getinfo floods, and getchallenge floods go unfiltered.

We maintain a custom, in-house firewall capable of filtering application layer attacks of millions of packets per second. This lets us filter any type of DDoS attack, not just layer 3 & 4 ones like many other hosts.